curves and calories
curves and calories
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i'm a 23 year old canadian psyc graduate, working toward becoming a sex psychologist, and every day i battle pcos, depression, and crippling negative self esteem. i've been a weight watchers member since july '12, and i love the program. i've finally decided to take control of my weight, my depression, and my condition, and hopefully learn to love myself along the way.



sw: 268.4 cw: 238.4 gw: 180

oh hi.

Well. I’ve been gone for a while.

I feel so stressed and eating has been so shitty and I have gone no where near the scale because I’m too afraid.

I stopped keto. I liked it, but I seriously could not keep it up outside of the house. And I felt like if I ate another egg or piece of bacon I would throw up or explode.

So my mom had a talk with me. And said I was doing so well on weight watchers, but I plateaued, and I think I took that pretty hard. So I started to go off plan, and it stopped working. 

I’m back on, officially as of today. Back to gymming on monday. I have to. Have to.


So I can no longer have pizza ( :( ), or lasagna ( :( ). These are two of my favourite things, so you know.


I found it on pinterest. Layer ham like noodles, with some italian spices and tomato/pizza sauce and pepperoni and mozzarella and then do it again. And it’s like lasagna. But pizza flavoured.

Holy shit, get right out of here.


So keto flu is in full effect and I’m pretty sure I’m dying.

beginning keto tomorrow.

I’ve done a lot of research. Like, A LOT. And this way of eating sounds like it’s going to do the best for me. I can’t really handle carbs, so I really shouldn’t be eating that many in the first place.

But it’s hard for me to just be like ‘no carbs!’…now what. This gives me something a little more concrete to follow. But this will have me going from like 240g of carbs per day to 25. Whew.