curves and calories
curves and calories
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i'm a 23 year old canadian psyc graduate, working toward becoming a sex psychologist, and every day i battle pcos, depression, and crippling negative self esteem. i've been a weight watchers member since july '12, and i love the program. i've finally decided to take control of my weight, my depression, and my condition, and hopefully learn to love myself along the way.



sw: 268.4 cw: 238.4 gw: 180

My workout playlist. Some songs are easier for me to move to and some just make me feel like a beast (specifically Five Finger Death Punch). My new favourite right now is definitely Tech N Stuff though; it’s a lot of fun. :)

EDIT: I just realized Tech N Stuff is the only song I friggin’ forgot to add. It’s called Tech N Stuff and it’s a mashup of ┬áDeadmau5, Tech N9ne, Justin Timberlake and Soulja Boy if you’re interested. Seriously check it out :)

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